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Madchef™-funnel for pots

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a simpler and faster method in the kitchen!

healthy life style: Our sieve does a quick job for you. This is very useful for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, family celebrations and makes your life easier!

versatile & multifunctional: UNIVERSAL DESIGN - Specially designed clips fit almost all round pots, pans and bowls, large and small (yes, even those with a lip).

SPACE SAVING - Small and compact sieve that is easy to use and can be stored in a quarter the size of the traditional sieve. Ideal when working with a limited counter.

funnel material: Only the original Snap'n Strain is made of high quality silicone and will last for many years. Withstands heavier foods like potatoes.

easy to clean  SAFE AND DURABLE - Completely BPA free, dishwasher safe and FDA approved.



the product as you are seeing it abviously has our logo but at your delivery will arrive without logo because due to the situation we are experiencing and for this we had to change supplier.we apologize for the inconvenience as always for any problem contact us.
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