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Madchef™- Popsicle Molds

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With our ice cream and popsicle molds to refresh you every day!

DIY fun: Add your favorite ingredients to the mold to make ice popsicles of a variety of flavors. Add milk, yogurt, soda, juice, fruit, ice cream, etc. to make your own unique ice popsicle. This is not only a delicious choice, but it also allows children to get healthier food.

Advantages and positivity: the molds you can find them in multiple colors and sizes for your coolest popsicles and ice cream and to make a good snack under the sun with the whole family. Especially this new model has a material that speeds up freezing and take up less space in the freezer.

Easy to clean: A brush is included in the package, making it easier to clean the mold for later use. Are composed of six cells.


High-quality materials: The ice popsicle mold is made of food grade plastic, safe and odorless, no toxic or harmful chemicals.


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