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Madchef™ pancake silicone mold

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     the best shapes for your cakes

  1. Instructions for use :1. Before use, apply oil to the mold with a brush to make it easier to demo. 2. Put it in a pan and use a small fire. 3. Because the mold will be deformed and lifted after heating, pay attention to using chopsticks or other small tools to press the bottom of the mold lightly, it will fit the bottom of the pan well and there will be little leakage. 4. It is not recommended placing the food too full in the mold, half the height is the most suitable, too full and easy to expand or not easy to cook. Too small, it is easy to slip off when flipping, so that it can not be flipped together. After the food is put into the mold, the lid is covered, and it is easier to solidify the food. 5. After the food has solidified, open the lid and rub the handles on both sides first, then rotate left and right to separate the whole body from the bottom of the pot. 6. After the stick is not cooked, roll it up and flip it over. 7. Can be used in microwave ovens, induction stoves, ovens, refrigerators and food pans. Can be washed in dishwasher.
  2. Precautions 1. This product is a soft silicone product, be careful not to touch sharp objects to avoid damage. 2. Be careful to avoid dry burning, no food to place, dry burning in the pan for a long time will damage the mold. 3. Because this product is a silicone product, the maximum temperature is 220. If the bottom of the pan is overheated or partially overheated, it will damage the mold, so use a small fire to avoid damage. 4. Pay attention to solidify the surface of the food, then turn it upside down, otherwise the food will leak out. 5. After use, pay attention to clean in time to avoid damage.


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